Jan Dahlqvist

Tantrakurs, tantrisk bodywork och vaginal dearmorering

Kommande händelser
Knulla 2.0
Skeppsudden, 23-26 maj

Kontakt:  tantra@jandahlqvist.com
Web: www.asfalt.com
Ort: Stockholm

Jan Dahlqvist har praktiserat tantra sedan 2012 och är diplomerad bodyworker i The New Tantra School. TNT. Jan erbjuder i första hand sessioner i Stockholm men reser också en hel del.  

Några röster från Jan Dahlqvists internationella klienter:

JD has a very gentle masculine air about him that feels incredibly secure and attentive durring sessions. That energy creates a soothing and warm atmosphere really allowing for trust to be given more easily and to fully relax into the work to receive it’s full benefit.

He also has a deep dedication and passion about de-armouring that he brings to every session, which adds even more power to the work he does. 


“Powerful, deep release, loving presence and concrete guidance. This is what you can expect when working with JD. He recently gave me a vaginal dearmoring and I felt completely seen, held and guided into a deep and vulnerable space of release and healing. I’d recommend him anytime.”


”From the moment the session started I could relax in to Bulldogs calm and strong presence. From that beautiful space I could easier open up and release blockades and fears I held on to. For days now I have been more in my body, feel more sexy and more alive. Thank you Thank you Thank you ❤️❤️❤️”


“JD woke me up. He challenged me the moment we met at the core of my pain and he gave me a safe space to finally release some of it in session. We had two sessions and I cannot lie, the first time was so painful because of the emotional injuries I carried, but the relief I felt was indescribable. The second session he challenged me even further and was able to work much deeper. He pulled from me one of the deepest traumas and it was terrifying but finally facing my demons has allowed me to grow exponentially. I would not be who I am today were it not for the work he did with me and I cannot express enough gratitude to him. Wether you just want to connect better with your body or you want to heal from trauma he can provide incredible healing rarely found anywhere else.”

/Mo, Idaho, USA