The 9th edition of Shibaricamp takes place between the 5th and 11th of August 2019. You will be able to experience lots of classes with international teachers, relax in a beautiful environment, and create new memories and friendships that may last a lifetime.

Application for tickets opens on May 1st, 2019 at 18:00 CET and closes on May 8th at 24:00 CET (there will be a form on for registering during that time only).

Ort: Smögen

What is it?

Shibaricamp is a summer camp in Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden that provides a unique setting for an unforgettable week of rope and fun.

It’s not just the great and personal teaching, or the relaxed atmosphere of everyone living together. Nor is it just the beautiful surroundings or the cozy, secluded location. It’s all of it combined that makes Shibaricamp the won’t-miss-it-for-the-world event for a lot of rope nerds all over Europe. So make room in your schedule and join in!

Regardless if you spend time learning, practising, tying, playing, sunbathing in the garden, swimming in the sea, or just hanging out (pun intended) you will bring beautiful memories back home.

The craggy and picturesque Bohuslän coast is one of Sweden’s natural treasures, and you have several great choices for touristy outings to clear your mind, including one of Europe’s oldest, still active rope making factories.

Who can come?

It makes no difference if you’re a fresh beginner or a seasoned roper – the only thing you need in order to enjoy Shibaricamp is a love for rope. Participants range from those experienced with rope that come to hone their skills to beginners who are curious to learn.

Every year, a mix of about 50 regulars and newcomers, from all over the world, get together for a week of rope and all that comes with it. We wish to create learning opportunities for everyone in safe a environment that encourages exploration, regardless of gender, role and sexual expression.

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